5 Key Reasons SMEs are Shifting to Cloud Desktops

There has been a significant shift from traditional to cloud-based desktops, especially among small businesses (SMEs). The cost benefits associated with this technology change have made the transition inevitable, and many SMEs have already started shifting their focus to desktop virtualization.

The following are some of the main reasons for this shift to cloud desktops:

1. Cost-effectiveness

SMEs, especially those in the early stages of their business life cycle, always look to reduce costs without affecting productivity. While the investment required to set up a data center can be very high, desktop virtualization does not need any additional hardware or software investment but only a good internet connection. Therefore, the total cost of ownership is significantly reduced.

2. Mobility

Mobile devices are an essential part of our daily lives—the shift towards mobile means that people are looking for ways to access their data wherever they are. Cloud Desktops allow users to access data and applications from any location with Internet connectivity.

3. Security

Security is one of the most important aspects of businesses, especially SMEs. They cannot afford any security breaches that damage their brand or incur legal costs. It is impossible to protect a traditional desktop from external threats, but security is the main selling point of cloud-based desktops, which can be updated and patched in real-time.

4. Productivity

Employees are looking for ways to increase their productivity while working or outside the office. This shift towards mobile devices has made employees more productive, but they can still not work with all the files stored on their traditional desktops. A cloud-based desktop allows employees to access all the data and information on any device—desktop or mobile—with Internet connectivity.

5. Focus

Cloud-based desktops allow businesses to focus more on their core functions without worrying about IT issues. Cloud-based desktops also help companies save time and money otherwise spent on deploying, troubleshooting, and maintaining the IT infrastructure. Instead of managing complex servers and hardware maintenance, companies can now focus on their core business activities.

Cloud Desktops are the future of modern workplaces where employees are more productive and efficient. The primary reason for this shift is the high cost of traditional desktops that do not allow SMEs to focus on their core business activities but affect their market standing because of higher prices.

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