10 Questions to Ask before Choosing a Desktop as a service DaaS provider in 2021

Not sure how to choose the right DaaS provider for your company? This article has some important questions you can ask to find out who is right for you.

DaaS offers many different options to business customers. The service is an important part of many IT strategies for 2021. Desktop as a Service has emerged as a popular choice for companies looking to outsource their data center infrastructure, but choosing the right DaaS provider is difficult. There are many good options on the market today, but there are also some bad choices. Choosing the right provider is critical to ensure that your business gets the benefits of DaaS.

Here are ten questions to ask before choosing a DaaS provider in 2021:

What Level of Desktop Performance Do You Offer?

The performance of remote desktops is an important factor for many companies. This becomes an even more important question for us as digital transformation is becoming more common in 2021, and people need their remote desktops on their smartphones. People are looking for ways to take their work on the go. And with mobile devices becoming more and more powerful, some organizations are switching to DaaS providers that offer powerful desktop performance on mobile devices.

Are their DaaS Pricing Plans Flexible?

DaaS will reduce costs for many companies in 2021. Pricing plans offered by a DaaS provider should be flexible enough to suit different needs, with options that fit short-term and long-term budgeting strategies. The numbers have to be right for the company, with no hidden costs. You can expect some flexibility from the provider. Also, you can ask for some kind of demo or trial to be sure you are getting the right fit.

What Is the Level of Security?

Any DaaS provider worth working with in 2021 has some form of security available. However, not all solutions are equal. This is an important consideration for many companies, especially if they have specific requirements that must be met for compliance reasons or other issues. The biggest threat to any business is a security breach. If there are potential vulnerabilities, the provider must have adequate security measures in place. Make sure you ask how the provider will protect your data from hackers and other threats.

What Is the Uptime Value That You Offer?

Uptime value is another important consideration for many companies in 2021. This becomes especially true as employees expect to be able to work anytime, anywhere. The uptime value offered by a DaaS provider should meet or exceed these expectations. There is no point in adjusting IT infrastructure if the uptime value is not up to par. You need a provider that can deliver as expected.

Do You Implement Business Continuity with DaaS?

You have to be sure that your DaaS provider has technology in place to minimize interruptions. This becomes especially important if the business is reliant on remote desktops for day-to-day operations or specific compliance requirements must be met. Business continuity is an important part of any IT strategy in 2021. You need to know that the provider has business continuity solutions in place, and that these are tested on a regular basis.

What Level of Expertise and Experience Do You Have?

Don't just settle for any DaaS provider in 2021. The company you choose should meet your specific needs and offer expertise and experience that can help the business grow. Their expertise includes a good understanding of the technology and experience in working with a broad range of customers. You should be able to get the right advice from experts who have been around for a while, not just rookies fresh out of college.

What Kind of Desktops Are Included in Your Services?

You should know what type of desktop is available when you choose a DaaS provider in 2021. This becomes especially important if specific types of software or hardware must be used for daily operations, and these devices still need to connect to the remote desktops provided by the company. Desktop virtualization includes a number of options, and you should have a clear understanding of what is being offered. You first would have to decide which type of desktop is needed for day-to-day operations, then you can choose the provider that fits your specific requirements.

Do You Offer App Virtualization?

App virtualization is an important consideration for many companies in 2021. This is especially true for those that use multiple programs and applications daily, including custom-built software or other types of proprietary tools. Apps are making it possible for employees to do more from anywhere. You need a provider that can deliver these apps as part of the DaaS solution they offer, and this means app virtualization may be a must-have feature in 2021.

What Terms and Conditions Are Mentioned in the SLA?

The SLA or service level agreement is an important part of choosing a DaaS provider in 2021. This document outlines the commitments and responsibilities for both parties, so it should be thoroughly examined before signing on the dotted line. You don't want to be in a situation where the provider has no one accountable for any downtime or other issues.

What Type of Backup Solutions Are Available?

Backups are an important part of many DaaS strategies in 2021. The backup solutions offered by the company you choose should be able to protect all data and applications that are stored with them, including local files and any custom-built software or other tools that may be used daily. Ask for all details and information related to backups, including how often they occur and what the recovery time is.

Don't settle for just any DaaS provider in 2021. The company you choose should be able to meet your specific needs that can help your business grow, provides flexible pricing plans with uptime value that meets expectations, implements security solutions for compliance requirements or other issues, has a level of remote desktop performance that suits all types of users.

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