Virtual Workstations vs. Traditional Desktops: Which is the Best for the Healthcare Industry?

In our everyday working lives, we spend most of our time in the office. Therefore, we need to create an environment through which we can work as effectively and productively as possible. Thus, healthcare organizations have created "virtual" or shared workspaces for their employees.

You can create a virtual workspace with the use of Virtual Workstations. Virtual Workstations are software systems that allow users to “share” their physical desktop while still maintaining the benefits of using their personal computers for work. These features allow employees to access company files and programs more easily while still working on their own devices.

Advantages of Using Virtual Workstations

1. Cost-Effective

One major concern for many is the worry of sacrificing efficiency and productivity due to compatibility issues between desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Many healthcare providers opt to "go with the flow" by using their own devices that are most convenient for them, or they use whatever computer is available at the time. Unfortunately, this often leads to inefficiencies and lack of connectivity when it comes to accessing company files or using certain types of programs.

Healthcare providers can access their virtual desktops without any compatibility issues by using Virtual Workstations. Therefore, they can use whatever device is most convenient for them while still maintaining productivity and efficiency.

2. Mobility and Flexibility

With Virtual Workstations, employees can access company files and programs from anywhere with an Internet connection. Therefore, they do not have to be in the office to carry out any work-related activities including uploading or downloading patient records, updating databases, collaborating on projects with co-workers, etc.

3. Improved Collaboration

Virtual Workstations allow employees to easily work with others, regardless of their physical location. The flexibility function is especially beneficial for healthcare providers who rely on teamwork and collaboration in order to provide effective treatment plans for their patients. With Virtual Workstations, healthcare providers can more effectively solve problems by having easy access to multiple resources.

4. Security

Healthcare providers can secure their company's information by using Virtual Workstations by ensuring access is restricted to authorized personnel only. Therefore, any private information remains safe and protected while still allowing employees the flexibility they need to be more productive in their work.

Disadvantages of Using Traditional Desktops

1. Inefficiency and Lack of Connectivity

With traditional desktops, employees can only access company files and programs at the office or through various virtual software that they have to download and install on their personal devices. Traditional desktops cannot easily upload or download patient information via the internet, which is often necessary for effective treatment plans or to provide records when patients are discharged or transferred.

2. Compatibility Issues

Most traditional desktop computers are not compatible with one another, meaning employees often use whatever computer is available at the time instead of what they actually need for their job. Using other computers can lead to a lack of connectivity and inefficiencies while using company information.

3. Security

Because employees are using their own devices, there is always the concern of security. Personal computers are not automatically safe or secure just because they are personal. The risk of using personal computers means that any data being transferred back and forth between the computer and the hospital server can be compromised somehow, especially if it is done wirelessly without encryption.

The key take-away from this article is that Virtual Workstations are becoming the new standard for Information Technology in healthcare facilities. They provide a secure, cost-effective solution to many of the problems associated with traditional desktop computers. You can learn more about Virtual Workstations by visiting today!

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