Virtual Desktops vs. Your Current Desktop: 5 Things to Know

The world of desktop computing is full of possibilities. These days, you can choose between using a traditional PC monitor and laptop or opt for the convenience of a tablet or smartphone instead.

However, all these devices come loaded with different features that make them unique. The use of virtual desktops provides an alternative to customize your current device by focusing on what matters to you.

Here are five things to consider before deciding between your current desktop and virtual desktops:

1. Save Time with Virtual Desktops

Whether you are using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone for work or play, virtual desktops can help you manage the volume of information delivered to you daily. By organizing applications into separate pages or "desktops," virtual desktops allow you to see all your open applications and easily switch from one to the next.

Before you completely dismiss virtual desktops, consider how much time you would save if you never had to search for a particular application again. The virtual desktop software will organize your favourite apps on pages, giving you easy access to them.

2. Customize Your Desktop Environment

Virtual desktops software allows you to choose the background wallpaper for each desktop and add widgets that provide quick access to your favorite applications. For example, if you have one desktop for work and another for entertainment, you can have different wallpapers on each desktop, so it is easy to tell them apart at first glance. The ability to customize your background and widgets also makes virtual desktops a helpful tool for blogging.

3. Experience the Best of Windows 7 and Mac OS X

The virtual desktop features of Windows 7 and Mac OS X are a great alternative to constantly switching between pages of apps on your current operating system. Each operating system provides the ability to have four different desktops, but you can purchase additional capacity from third-party vendors if you need more. You can also save your desktops as a layout, so it is easy to load a particular desktop environment with a single click.

4. Explore Different Operating Systems

Virtual desktops can be very useful for those with limited space on their current device and need only one or two applications. For example, if you have an Android tablet and want access to a PC operating system, or if you have a computer and would like the convenience of a tablet interface, virtual desktops can help.

5. Avoid Risky Downloading

Before downloading applications on your current device, check with your virtual desktop software provider to ensure the app is compatible. While some virtual desktops are integrated with Google Play, many are not. It is easy to avoid installing an app that may be risky to your device by identifying which apps are available for download through your virtual desktop service.

The number of options available to ensure your desktop experience is customized to fit your needs is staggering. For those looking for the best way to manage the volume of applications, widgets, and other features that are delivered daily, virtual desktops can provide an easy-to-use solution.

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