The Year 2022 is all About Remote Work and VDI

The world as we know it is more and more becoming a place where people want to work from anywhere they can. The traditional office, where many companies demanded you to come in every day so you could collaborate with other employees on the tasks at hand, has been going out of fashion for some time now. Trust us; even if no one tells you in the office, there are plenty of people who tell you about this.

This is why 2022 is all about Remote Work and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). More companies go remote to save money on real estate costs and create a better work environment for the employees themselves.

The first thing to be done in 2022 if you want to make sure you are prepared for the future is to take a look at your company's operational strategy over the next few years. Knowing that can help determine whether or not it makes sense to use an RDS-based solution combined with VDI, Microsoft Azure RemoteApp, the third-party hosted apps, or a combination of all three.

It will be much easier to do this in 2022 than in previous years. That is because we believe that VDI and Remote Work will become so commonplace in business that there very well might be financial incentives from governments and insurance companies to go in that direction. Why? Well, think about it. If you work from home, the company does not pay for office space. Employees can also go at their own pace, which means they are less stressed in general (especially if they return home after when everyone is already sleeping).

Now Companies Can Tell You to Go Home

Many employees are not very happy if they have to go into the office every day. Managers know this, so they do not bother checking to see if everyone showed up for work because they are now aware that someone will be missing one day at least. This is another reason why 2022 will be about remote work and VDI because companies do not need to check up on their employees anymore. They can sit back and see who is doing what, all thanks to virtualization. Remote Work has one more added benefit for managers: they no longer have to worry about their employees trying to game the system by coming in earlier than the rest or staying later than others. How do they know this? Because there is no one sitting in the office to compare them with, they can call it a day and go home when their work is done.

Save Your Money, Get Rid of Your Office

It is not just the managers who can save money by changing how they work. The employees themselves could get rewarded with cash for finding more innovative ways to do their jobs. Of course, this works best when you combine it with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), but in 2022 all your data will be backed up digitally anyway.

Digital data is the future of business, and with everything backed up, there is no reason (in most cases) to go into an office anymore. The same holds for employees who will finally be able to work from anywhere in the world. With VDI and Remote Work becoming commonplace, they can switch cities or countries at a moment’s notice.

Office Space in 2022

Remote Work is not the only thing driving down costs for real estate. There is also VDI, which allows employees to work off of specialized hardware that can be placed anywhere there is power and internet connectivity. This means you do not need vast servers anymore because everything is stored online with access via RDP.

The biggest question in 2022 about VDI will be whether the bulk of data processing will still take place locally or if all of it is done via cloud computing with only a few updates being sent back and forth between employees working off-site.

We believe that local control will come into play when crunching jobs that require a lot of special processing. Things like graphic design and engineering work will still be done locally because you want the fastest speeds for rendered images and CAD drawings.

But for everything else, we believe VDI will be an industry-standard in 2022. There is no company we know of right now that has not bought into this trend because it is cheaper in the long run and helps keep employees more productive. If they do not have to commute to work anymore, they can work more.

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