The Best DaaS Solutions for Lawyers

The legal industry has started to adopt desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions to keep up with shifting workplace trends caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Desktop-as-a-service providers are helpful since they can be accessed on any device, and information is stored on a central cloud server.

Law firms can benefit from using virtual desktops and other DaaS solutions since they are safer and more secure than traditional desktops. DaaS systems are also helpful for law firms since they allow remote workers to access important files and information. Lawyers should invest in DaaS systems that offer security measures against cyberattacks and malware. Examples of DaaS solutions that law firms can use include, Citrix, Dizzion, Ace Cloud Hosting, and dinCloud. The features of these DaaS providers and how lawyers can benefit from using them will be explained in more detail below.

#1. is one of the top DaaS providers for the legal industry. is device-agnostic and cross-device compatible, which means that users can use any application on the virtual desktop, regardless of the device it is being accessed from. The system can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, computers, and thin clients. Another benefit of using is that it offers security features like daily backups, encryption methods, firewalls, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and single sign-on (SSO) measures. Only authorized users can access the server, which means that sensitive case information will always be safe. Managers can view the health of the remote cloud server and devices being used via a centralized dashboard. Managers can add or remove users or devices via this dashboard. When lawyers and paralegals use, they can easily and securely share case-related files with each other.

#2. Citrix

Law firms can use Citrix as their DaaS provider. The system can be accessed from any device. Citrix is useful for law firms because it includes security measures like firewalls. Another benefit of using Citrix is that it includes a dashboard where managers and administrators can view metrics like server health. However, a downside of using Citrix is that the system tends to run slower on mobile devices.

#3. Dizzion

Dizzion is a DaaS provider that law firms can use to access information from any device. A key feature of Dizzion is that it is device-agnostic. Another benefit of using Dizzion is that administrators can view a dashboard to observe the user and device activity. Dizzion also includes various security measures. However, a disadvantage of using Dizzion is that some users have reported that sessions will stall without any explanation.

#4. Ace Cloud Hosting

Law firms can benefit from using Ace Cloud Hosting's DaaS solutions. One of the benefits of using Ace Cloud Hosting is that it is highly scalable. Scalability means that users and devices can be added or removed from the central cloud server as needed. Lawyers and paralegals can collaborate with each other and share information even if they are in different locations. Ace Cloud Hosting also offers security measures like internal and external firewalls and encryption methods. Only authorized users can access the server, which means that sensitive case information will always be safe. However, some law firms may hesitate to use Ace Cloud Hosting as their DaaS provider because it has a slight learning curve.

#5. dinCloud

Lawyers and paralegals can benefit from using dinCloud as their firm's DaaS provider. The data is stored on the remote cloud server. Users can ensure that case data is safe at all times by using the system's backup functionality. Another benefit of using dinCloud is that it can be scaled up or down according to the law firm's needs. However, some law firms may hesitate to use dinCloud as their DaaS provider because it lacks the mobility options of other DaaS solutions.

The legal sector can greatly benefit from using DaaS solutions. DaaS solutions enable lawyers and paralegals to work remotely. Many DaaS systems also include security and scalability measures and can be accessed on any device and operating system. Before deciding on a DaaS provider, law firm employees should do their research and select the provider that best suits the needs of their firm.

If law firms want the best and most efficient DaaS provider, they should use is fast, secure, flexible, and scalable. For more information on' DaaS services, visit to speak with a product representative and receive a live demo.

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