The Best DaaS Providers for Colleges

Even before the pandemic, students started to take online classes over attending in-person classes. Therefore, it is essential for colleges and universities to adopt the use of DaaS (desktop as a service) solutions. A DaaS solution is a system that allows users to access their files and information from any device, such as phones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops. Instead of being stored on the device, the files and information are stored on a remote cloud server. Using DaaS service providers can also help the university save money on IT costs. An ideal DaaS provider should also allow cross-device compatibility, security measures, and scalability. Examples of DaaS providers that colleges can use include, Citrix, Dizzion, VMware, Cloudalize, and Ace Cloud Hosting.

Overview of DaaS Providers

1. is one of the most efficient DaaS service providers colleges can use. is device-agnostic, which means that it can be used on any device and allow for any program to be used. For example, students can work on a Windows desktop, even when using an Apple device. Students and teachers can also download third-party software like Adobe Photoshop onto the cloud server. Students can also easily share files with each other and their teachers. also has security measures like firewalls, anti-virus protections, single sign-on (SSO) features, and daily backups. If a student loses their device, the administration office can remove the device from the system so sensitive data doesn’t get leaked. The student can log back into the system after getting a new device. also works alongside Microsoft Azure’s disaster recovery plan. Administrators can add or remove users, devices, and software licenses as needed for each class. Due to its range of features, is an ideal DaaS provider for colleges to use.

2. Citrix

Citrix is a DaaS service provider that universities can easily use. Citrix can be used from any device or browser. When using Citrix, students can easily share documents with their classmates and teachers. Students can also transfer their data across their different devices. Another benefit of using Citrix is that it has several security measures in place to help keep data safe. One of these security measures is working alongside the Microsoft Azure disaster recovery plan. However, a downside of using Citrix is that the mobile app is slower than the desktop app.

3. Dizzion

Colleges can use Dizzion as their DaaS provider. Dizzion is device-agnostic, which can help schools save on IT costs. Another benefit of using Dizzion is that it can integrate with various third-party software systems. However, a disadvantage of using Dizzion is that sessions tend to stall, and the system needs to be restarted.

4. VMware

Colleges and universities can use VMware’s DaaS solutions. One of the main benefits of using VMware is that it has security solutions to keep students’ data and documents safe at all times. VMware’s device-agnostic approach allows students to learn from any device or browser. This approach makes it easier for students with older computers or smartphones. Teachers can easily scale up or down users and devices as needed for each class. However, some colleges may hesitate to use VMWare as their DaaS service provider because some users have reported having technical difficulties when they try to log out of the system.

5. Cloudalize

Colleges and universities can use Cloudalize to enhance their students’ remote learning experiences. One of the benefits of using Cloudalize is that it can be accessed from any device or browser. Any third-party software systems required for a class can also be downloaded onto the server. These licenses can be added or removed as needed. However, a disadvantage of using Cloudalize is that it has limited support options.

6. Ace Cloud Hosting

Colleges can use Ace Cloud Hosting to provide DaaS services to students attending classes remotely. A benefit of using Ace Cloud Hosting is that it offers security measures such as multiple firewalls and SSO features. Ace Cloud Hosting can also be accessed on any device. Ace Cloud Hosting also offers scalability measures. However, a downside of using Ace Cloud Hosting is that it is not as fast as other DaaS service providers.

More students than ever are opting to take college classes online. Therefore, universities need to start using DaaS solutions. Before choosing a DaaS provider, administrative teams should ensure that it can be accessed on any device and has security and scalability measures.

If colleges are looking for the ideal DaaS service provider, they should consider is an industry-leading DaaS service provider. Our solutions are twice as fast as a normal PC. We have provided innovative DaaS and virtual desktop solutions to companies of all sizes and industries since 2014. We are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex but serve clients worldwide. For more information on how can help colleges and universities, visit to speak with a product representative and receive a live demo.

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