The Best Cloud Desktops for Retail

Retailers need to ensure that their operations are secure. At times, retail managers may need to view information such as workers’ schedules from a remote location. In addition, the corporate headquarters of a retailer will need to have a complete overview of the performance and sales of all locations. Therefore, retail firms should invest in cloud desktops. Cloud desktops are computer programs in which a server can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. These services can also be referred to as cloud DaaS (desktop-as-a-service) solutions. Cloud PCs can be used by retail firms to maximize margins and customer experiences so they can keep up with competitors.

When deciding on a cloud desktop provider, retail managers should ensure that it provides high flexibility, security, and scalability. Examples of cloud-hosted desktops that retailers can use include, Workspot, Ace Cloud Hosting, dinCloud, and Citrix. Let’s go over the features and benefits of these cloud PCs in more detail below.

1. is one of the most efficient cloud desktop providers that retail firms can use. can be used on any device or operating system and can work alongside services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Windows. is device-agnostic and cross-device compatible, meaning a user could employ a Windows desktop while using an Apple device. includes security measures like firewalls, anti-virus protection, daily backups, single sign-on portals, and multi-factor authentication. Additionally, can be scaled up or down as per company needs. Managers can add third-party services like QuickBooks to the server. Due to its functionality, retail firms should highly consider using’ cloud-hosted desktops.

2. Workspot

Workspot is a cloud desktop provider that the retail industry can use. One of the benefits of using Workspot’s cloud desktops is that users can access their apps and files from any device and operating system. Cloud desktops can be delivered from services such as Microsoft Azure. These cloud PCs can be easily added or removed within minutes. Another benefit of using Workspot is that data will be safe and secure in a centralized cloud server at all times. However, a downside of using Workspot is that some users can find the user interface difficult to navigate.

3. Ace Cloud Hosting

Retail firms can use Ace Cloud Hosting’s cloud desktop computers to access important information from any device. Managers who use Ace Cloud Hosting gain centralized control of information and files from across store locations. Managers can easily scale operations up or down as needed. The system also includes security measures such as firewalls. Additionally, managers can add services such as QuickBooks to their cloud desktops. Another benefit of using Ace Cloud Hosting is that it offers enterprise-level security. However, some retail firms may hesitate to use Ace Cloud Hosting because it has a slight learning curve.

4. dinCloud

Retailers can use dinCloud as their cloud desktop provider to provide employees with Windows desktops. One of the main benefits of using dinCloud is that users can access important information and files from any device and location. The information is gathered into a remote cloud server so managers and other corporate employees can view it at any time. Another benefit of using dinCloud is that the cloud PCs frequently back up data. Managers can quickly and easily scale the system up or down to fit the company’s needs. However, some retail firms may hesitate to use dinCloud as their cloud desktop provider because it lacks the mobility options of similar services such as

5. Citrix

Retail firms can use Citrix as their cloud desktop provider. Users can access Citrix’s cloud-hosted desktops through any device. Managers can also easily scale Citrix’s cloud desktops up or down to fit the company’s needs. Another benefit of Citrix is that it includes various security measures like firewalls. However, a disadvantage of using Citrix is that the system tends to run slowly on mobile devices.

Cloud PC and DaaS solutions are helpful resources for retail firms to use. Retail firms can use cloud desktop computers to access important files and documents from any device. Many cloud desktops also offer retail companies increased security and scalability. Managers should perform research to decide which cloud desktop provider best suits their business’s needs.

If retail managers want to use the fastest and most efficient cloud-hosted desktops, they should use A cloud PC from is twice as fast as a normal computer. When companies sign up for, they also gain access to vDesk’s productivity suite. has provided cloud desktop solutions to companies of all sizes and industries since 2014. The company has served clients from across the globe. For more information on’ cloud PCs, visit

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