How Can the Manufacturing Industry Benefit from Using Cloud Desktops?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturing industry experienced a lot of turmoil. Companies were impacted by supply chain issues and had to adapt to the new way of remote working. However, manufacturing companies started to use cloud desktop solutions. Let’s review the various ways the manufacturing industry has benefitted from cloud desktop solutions.

Cloud Desktops Explained

Cloud desktops are virtualized versions of regular computing environments. These virtual environments allow users to access their applications, files, and other data from any device with an internet connection. Manufacturing companies can use many cloud desktop providers, including, Citrix, and Ace Cloud Hosting. These cloud desktop solutions offer more flexibility and security than traditional PCs.

Top 7 Benefits of Cloud Desktops for the Manufacturing Industry

Now that we know what cloud desktops are, let’s learn about seven benefits manufacturing companies can gain from using these solutions.

1. Increased Flexibility and Mobility

One of the main benefits that manufacturing companies can gain from using cloud desktops is the increased flexibility and mobility they provide. Users can access their virtual desktop environments on any device, including computers, tablets, smartphones, and thin clients. is a provider that can turn any device into a Windows-powered desktop, even if the system is being accessed from another operating system, such as macOS. This increased flexibility makes it easier for office workers to communicate with each other and factory workers, regardless of their locations.

2. Advanced Security Measures

Security is essential for manufacturing companies. With cloud desktop solutions, only authorized users can access the company’s virtual desktop environment to prevent hackers and malware from impacting company operations. Also, data is stored on a remote cloud server instead of the device the system is being accessed from. Managers should ensure their selected cloud desktop provider includes security measures such as end-to-end data encryption, firewalls, and multi-factor authentication.

3. Reduced Expenses

Manufacturing companies already cover many costs, such as purchasing raw materials, deploying machinery, and wage payments. Using traditional computing environments increases company costs due to maintaining software and hardware systems and infrastructures. However, these costs can be reduced with cloud desktops. Also, the company no longer needs to spend funds on supplying devices to employees since they can bring devices from home and configure them with the virtual desktop environment.

4. Centralized Management

Cloud PC solutions also offer manufacturing companies centralized management so workers can easily share important files and documents with each other even when they are in different locations.

5. Increased Scalability

Another benefit that manufacturing companies can gain from using cloud desktop solutions is increased scalability. With scalability, managers can easily add or remove users and devices as the company’s needs change. Cloud desktops can easily be adjusted without the company investing in additional hardware or software. Users can also personalize their cloud desktops with any required applications.

6. Increased Productivity

Manufacturing companies can also increase their productivity when they adopt cloud PC solutions. Providers such as include productivity suites that allow managers to view user and device activity metrics. These metrics include websites visited, time spent on websites, applications used, keystrokes, and mouse clicks. This information is particularly useful in fully or partially remote companies since they allow managers to see how productive employees are despite not being in the same location as them. Also, many cloud desktop providers have almost zero downtime, meaning employees can be more productive throughout the day without worrying about potential hardware failure.

7. 24/7 Support

Finally, cloud desktop solutions offer manufacturing companies 24/7 support. Having this support is useful in the event that an employee runs into a technical difficulty. The employee can contact the provider’s IT support team and receive assistance from there. The IT team can be contacted through various methods, including phone, email, or support tickets. The Most Powerful Cloud Desktop Solution!

When manufacturing companies use’ cloud desktop solutions, they gain access to increased efficiency.’ cloud PCs are faster and more secure than traditional PCs and offer all the benefits discussed above. is an affordable solution with no hidden costs. To learn more about how’ cloud desktop solutions can benefit the manufacturing industry, contact us today to sign up for a live demo.

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