Cloud desktop solutions for enhanced security

Advancements in technology have paved the way for remote work opportunities. However, using open networks in cafeterias and airport lounges puts personal data in danger due to a lack of security requirements. Establishments with free internet services are marketing-focused and have limited or no security restrictions on their networks, leading to data security issues, information leaks, and malware infections. Cloud desktop technology is a solution that works by creating an image of the server-hosted desktop operating system that can be accessed from any device or location. Cloud implementations from reliable providers like vDesk, Citrix, and VMware provide secure access to data without compromising it and ensuring user privacy.

Centralized Data

To begin thinking about how Cloud pc solutions improve security, one needs to consider where their data is located and how it affects safety. Data vital to the business and potentially sensitive data resides in the data center. Data never leaves the business network and is always protected by the security controls and defenses of the corporate network, unlike VPN or other technologies that essentially store the data on an end-user system and let them access the corporate network. The corporate network's defense mechanisms and cybersecurity measures outperform those protecting end-user devices on the street. Encryption can be used to safeguard all of the data in the data center, even when it is not in use.

Mobile and Remote User Security

Cloud desktop computer security is now easier to manage because of the data center infrastructure's built-in security capabilities. The staff never have to worry about storing essential data on personal devices, eliminating the possibility of data loss due to a vital device being stolen or misplaced. The 2017 U.S. IT Services Report shows that 47% of firms have implemented remote cloud support for users, while 14% have implemented cloud to support users inside and outside their network. It is also noted that 57% of companies employ the cloud for essential corporate apps, while only 43% use it for the complete desktop (Desktop as a Service).

Agentless Antivirus

Cloud desktops eliminate the need for traditional antivirus software. Third-party endpoint securities, including antivirus, are used by cloud desktop providers. Agentless security solutions for cloud platforms are available from Trend Micro, McAfee, Eset, Kaspersky, and others, making cloud workstations well-protected and free of agents while using the most up-to-date security solutions available.

Security for Disaster Recovery

Data on PCs will be lost if the office is inundated or burned down unless a reliable data backup strategy is set up. Since the data is not saved on the PCs, losses can be minimized, and the company can continue running its business even in a big disaster.


Micro-segmentation has assisted in raising the bar for virtualized systems in terms of security. Identity-based firewalls allow users only to see the network resources they are authorized to visit. It is possible to easily prevent all cloud desktops from seeing or talking to one another. On the other hand, it would be nearly impossible to implement micro-segmentation with typical firewalls and other security measures. for Remote Teams

Using vDesk’s cloud solution protects from data security breaches as the cloud workspace is not exposed to the open network. Only cross-platform clients can access these cloud desktops.' hosted cloud pcs provide a safe and standardized workspace that requires multi-factor authentication and is not vulnerable to DDoS or cyber-attacks.

Data is not compromised if the device is infected with viruses and malware. Even if the device is hacked, the attacker will be unable to access essential data because the desktop environment is provided within the protected vDesk data centers. If a user working remotely does not have a laptop or desktop computer at hand, they can use vDesk cloud pc solutions to access their remote desktop on a mobile phone by downloading the app from the Play Store or the App Store.

Final Thoughts

As easy as it may sound to manage multiple desktops for employees with cloud desktop computers, it is also prone to assaults and can be compromised if not implemented effectively. An additional layer of protection is added between the user and their resources when SSO is enabled during the authentication process. An integrated security solution aids in helping endpoint security.

Organizations have already begun deploying remote access infrastructure in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. vDesk cloud desktop model is a secure option for businesses as all data is kept in one place and readily available to users who need it. Customized security policies for each user are provided by vDesk Manager, making it simple for companies to manage user access via a user-friendly dashboard, even at the application level. The team's productivity will soar, and team members will be better equipped to take on any problem with the support of the vDesk cloud solution.

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