7 Best Tips to Improve Virtual Desktop Performance with vDeskworks

Now that we know how cloud-based desktops streamline remote working, let’s discuss the best practices for optimizing virtual desktop performance.

When it comes to selecting the right option for your business, there's no one-size-fits-all answer; you'll need to consider a few factors before you make your decision.

Virtual Desktop are the Future

For those who are still hesitant to switch over workstations, it’s important to realize that virtual desktops are indeed the future of remote working. Cloud VDI offers immense scalability and storage, reliability, low cost of ownership, ease of deployment and maintenance, and more.

Industries such as IT, education, healthcare and banking have already adopted cloud-based desktops as a go-to solution for their remote working needs.

Here are seven easy tips to ensure that your organization's VDI is running smoothly:

1. Choose a Cloud VDI Provider with High Bandwidth

As you know, a smooth video streaming and other high bandwidth operations are essential to an enjoyable cloud computing experience. Make sure you find a cloud service provider that can deliver sufficient bandwidth for your operations.

2. Deploy Scalable Virtual Desktops

Many virtual desktops come with fixed memory and storage configurations that aren’t ideal when the demands of your workloads fluctuate. Consider using a cloud VDI provider that offers easily scalable GPUs, CPUs, and RAM to accommodate unpredictable workflows.

3. Optimize Your Network Connections:

Ensure you have a secure connection to the internet with high-speed performance. Optimize your network connections by using strong WPA2 encryption and prioritizing certain applications or websites over others for faster loading times.

4. Backup Your Virtual Desktops Regularly

It’s important to back up all of your virtual desktops in case of any unforeseen issues. Make sure to set up a regular backup schedule so that you always have quick access to important files and applications.

5. Utilize High-Performance Storage Solutions

To ensure the highest level of performance, be sure to use high-performance storage solutions such as SSDs or flash drives. These will enable faster access times for data stored on your virtual desktops.

6. Utilize High Performance Graphics Cards

If you plan to use your cloud desktop for video streaming or gaming, consider installing a high performance GPU such as NVIDIA Quadro cards on your VDI servers. This will ensure that operations run smoothly without lag or buffering.

7. Monitor Application Performance

Make sure you monitor the performance of each application on your VDI. If some applications are consuming too many resources, it could be causing performance issues. Consider disabling certain applications that don’t need to run all the time or adjust settings to limit their resource usage.

Using these tips can help you get the most out of your cloud desktop experience and ensure the best performance for remote working. With high performance storage solutions, optimized network connections, and the right cloud VDI provider, you can make sure your remote working experience is as seamless as possible.

Making Sure You Invest in the Right Cloud VDI

These seven tips are essential for taking full advantage of the cloud desktops’ potential. But how do you make sure that you’re investing in the right provider?

It's important to find a reliable and secure cloud VDI service provider who can provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your organization's needs. Some key features to look for in a cloud VDI provider are scalability, flexibility, performance, security, and cost-effectiveness.

vDesk.works: Your Go-To Provider for Cloud Desktops

vDesk.works is the best in class provider of cloud-based desktops and virtual machines. We offer an array of features such as secure data storage, easy scalability, cost-effectiveness, capacity planning and more – all tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs.

1. Access from Anywhere

We understand that remote working requires access from anywhere. We provide secure connections through our cloud desktops so you can access your data and applications from any device, no matter where you are located.

2. Secure Data Storage

We ensure the security of all your sensitive information with our advanced encryption protocols and multi-layered authentication processes. Our team is also dedicated to regularly updating our security measures so that your data remains safe and secure.

3. Easy Scalability

Our cloud desktops can be easily scaled up or down according to the demands of your workloads. We provide high-performance GPUs, CPUs, RAM, storage solutions and more – all at low cost of ownership.

Our team of experts can help you ensure the highest performance for your virtual desktops and optimize them for the most efficient remote working experience. Contact us today to get started with your cloud VDI journey!

By investing in the right cloud VDI Solution and following these 7 tips, you can be sure that your remote working experience will be safe and efficient. With the help of cloud-based desktops, your organization is sure to get the most out of the modern digital workplace.

Happy Computing!

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