5 Myths About Cloud Desktops Debunked

Over the past few years, the use of cloud desktop computers has significantly increased. A cloud desktop is a service where users can access their information and files from a cloud-based server instead of a device's storage. Cloud PCs have seen an increase in use as more companies have adopted the use of remote and hybrid work models. However, like most emerging technologies, there are several myths that people may believe about cloud desktops. The following blog article will debunk some of these myths.

Myth #1: Migrating Users to Cloud Desktops is Complicated

Some business managers may hesitate to employ a cloud desktops in their organization since they believe it would be too complicated to migrate their employees to the model. However, the process is easy with cloud desktop providers like vDesk.works. The cloud PC program just has to be downloaded to the organization's central server, and users can be added or removed as needed. Once users have been allowed access to the cloud desktop server, they can then access their files and information from any device. vDesk.works can be used on smartphones, tablets, Macs, Chromebooks, and desktop computers. Managers can adjust the company's third-party applications and assign them to individual users' cloud desktops. Having this flexibility makes it easy for remote or hybrid workers to access the company's servers and collaborate on projects.

Myth #2: Cloud Desktops Have Poor Security

Some people may also worry that cloud desktop computers have poor security. However, cloud desktops have increased security compared to regular computers due to firewalls and encrypted data access. The files and data are more secure since they are stored on the internal server rather than on the user's device. Cloud PC providers like vDesk.works are powered with end-point protection that protects the network from malware and viruses. These systems can detect when an email attachment includes malware. vDesk.works also backs up daily to ensure that no data is lost in the case of a power outage or other disaster. Users can also choose the frequency of their data backup intervals. In the event that a user's device is lost or stolen, the user can log in from another device and access their information, while the other device's access will be taken away.

Myth #3: Cloud Desktops Are Too Expensive

Some company managers may also believe that cloud desktops aren't worth investing in due to high costs. However, using cloud PCs allows companies to save IT infrastructure costs. By using cloud computers, workers can use their own devices, so companies will not have to buy their own. Cloud desktops also decrease the costs of transporting devices to offices in different cities or countries. Cloud desktops are less expensive than full workstations vDesk.works consistently offers flat rates and is one of the industry's most cost-effective cloud desktop providers. Companies won't have to worry about any surprise costs or fees when they use a cloud desktop provider like vDesk.works.

Myth #4: Only Certain Industries Can Use Cloud Desktops

Company managers may hesitate to purchase cloud desktop infrastructures since they believe they are not suited for their particular industry. However, many different industries have made good use of cloud PCs. Industries like marketing and accounting can use cloud desktops to store client data and allow team members to collaborate on projects seamlessly. Hospitals and healthcare companies can use cloud PCs to store patient data on the centralized cloud in accordance with HIPAA regulations. Legal professionals can view case data from their homes, the courthouse, or any other location when they use cloud PCs. Cloud desktops can be used in the construction industry to view and manage projects. The centralized cloud allows workers to store important files, documents, signatures, and forms. Even the education industry can use cloud desktops to conduct remote learning. With cloud PCs, teachers can easily share assignments and files with students taking online classes. Many organizations will find that their daily operations become easier and more efficient after they start using cloud desktop computers.

Myth #5: Cloud Desktops Need Constant Maintenance

Another reason why company managers may hesitate to use cloud desktops is that they may worry that it will take up too much time to maintain and manage the infrastructure. However, cloud desktop providers like vDesk.works have maintenance teams so users can spend time on more important things. Companies can also save money since they won't have to maintain separate IT teams in each office. If a user does need help, they can contact the support team at any time. In the case of an issue, the support team can take control of the user's device through session shadowing and quickly resolve the issue.

Cloud desktop computers are very useful for companies of all sizes and industries. As remote and hybrid work models continue to be used, more companies will have to adopt the use of cloud desktops. vDesk.works is one of the top providers of cloud desktop services. For more information on vDesk. works' cloud PCs, visit www.vdeskworks.com to receive a live demo.

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