12 Reasons Why You Should Choose vDesk.works Over its Competitors

There are numerous options in the field of virtual desktop service providers, and picking one can be tricky especially when pricing packages are easily customizable to meet each customer's requirements.

You can choose all-inclusive packages at low rates, or opt for pay as you go plans depending on your needs and budget at hand.

Customers are often drawn towards solutions that provide easy-to-understand plans at low rates.

One such provider, vDesk.works, caters to small businesses with its flexible pricing packages for different needs. If you are confused about how to choose between various virtual desktop providers out there, then read on to find out why you should choose vDesk.works


The top criterion that companies look for in virtual desktop service providers is the cost-effectiveness of the solution. vDesk.works meets this requirement with the flexible pricing plans it offers that are affordable to small businesses with a limited budget. It’s all in one packages are the best fit for businesses looking at low rates, but not compromising service quality and performance. The company's Pay as You Go model allows you to choose the amount of services you need without being tied down to one plan.

Scale Up and Down Easily

One of the biggest advantages of virtual desktops is its ability to scale up and down depending on your needs. Businesses are often faced with seasonal peaks or periods when they need more staff, which means that they will need extra machines to support their operations. vDesk.works scales easily with your business's growth or needs, saving you from making any unnecessary expenditure. vDesk.works also offers pay as you go plans, so there is no need to waste money on unused services and resources; plus, you can use the virtual desktops at any time of the day or night, without worrying about peak hours.

Designed for MSPs

The increasing popularity of cloud computing has resulted in the rise of managed service providers. However, most virtual desktop solutions have not accounted for this group of customers, which makes them unsuitable to support MSPs. vDesk.works makes it easy for this type of customer, because it is built with special features that make managing your data and understanding it easy. This makes it an ideal choice for MSPs !

All-Inclusive Packages

Businesses ranging from small to midsize enterprises have found virtual desktops to be a cost effective way of reducing costs and improving productivity. However, these benefits are lost when the companies choose solutions with incoherent pricing plans that do not meet their needs. All in one packages at affordable rates is what vDesk.works offers, as it meets all your business's needs- from data security to storage and support services, plus you get a dedicated customer service team for each package!

Cloud Storage Security

The lack of data protection is the biggest concern that most companies face when opting for virtual desktops. vDesk.works uses robust security protocols and software to protect your data from unauthorized access by using encryptions, firewalls, multi-factor authentication options and secure storage systems. These safeguards are necessary for companies that handle sensitive or confidential data, as they can rest assured that their virtual desktops will keep their data safe at all times.

Enterprise-Grade Data Encryption

Data encryption is crucial for companies that store and transfer confidential or sensitive data. It helps in protecting critical information from being accessed by unauthorized users or even hardware failures. vDesk.works offers end-to-end data encryption, to keep your information safe and secure in the cloud. It ensures that only the intended recipient can access your data- a facility that is not available with other virtual desktop services.

Remote Assistance and Support

vDesk.works comes with an intuitive and user-friendly desktop management system that makes it easy for you to setup your virtual PCs, configure them according to your preferences without having any technical knowledge. The live chat feature at vDesk.works helps customers get resolutions to their problems in a jiffy, which saves time and effort. You can make use of remote assistance tool to get your remote desktop accessed by experts remotely at any time of the day or night, without having to travel to a remote office.

Enforce Your IT Policies

IT policies are an important part of every enterprise's operations. Since virtual desktops operate in the cloud, companies must ensure that their data and applications are protected from unauthorized access or leakage. At vDesk.works, you can set up your organization's IT policies easily by using the flexible management tools. You can decide which applications will run on the computers, who has access to them and also their level of access. You can even set up policies that control data security and encryption, along with various other features.

Powerful and Easy to Use Dashboard

The vDesk.works dashboard is your control center for managing remote desktops, apps, and users. It gives you the ability to manage every aspect of cloud computing from one place. All your virtual PCs are displayed in an easy-to-read format that can be accessed by using a web browser. You can easily monitor utilization and storage without logging into each computer individually. It is simple, user-friendly and you will find it easy to get started with vDesk.works without any technical expertise.

Server Load Balancing

Server load balancing uses multiple servers to distribute the workload and is essential for companies whose business units are spread across various locations. It helps in ensuring that certain applications or information is available at all times, even when there's an outage.

Powerful Mobile App Compatibility

vDesk.works offers you compatibility with most of the mobile operating systems. You can access your virtual desktops anywhere, anytime from any device that supports iOS, Android or Windows Mobile platform. It helps in improving employee productivity as they have access to their applications and data even while on the move.

Web-Based Access

Since vDesk.works is a web-based service, you don't need to install any software on your PC just log into vdesk.works with IE or Firefox browsers and get started. By using this feature, you can access and manage your virtual desktops from any device supporting a modern web browser, thereby ensuring that your employees are productive while on the move. You can access your virtual desktop from anywhere, anytime and collaborate with colleagues in real-time by sharing applications, data or files.

vDesk.works is a complete cloud-based business solution that offers dynamic virtual desktops. There is a lot of competition out there in the market for cloud computing services. Try out our service and see if it's the right fit for your needs. In a nutshell, vDesk.works enables us to access applications from any device at all times with ease and convenience.

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