Top 3 Reasons Why Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Adoption Will Boom in 2021

Post the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, all types of business organizations are turning towards virtual desktop solutions. The technology offers high-performance user experience and ease of access to all levels of users in an organization.

Did you know that the global market reach of VDI will boom by a whopping 16.5% CAGR by 2023? That would something be around $10.15 billion!

The trends in the global virtual desktop cloud infrastructure market are growing each day. Organizations are trying to reduce their overall expense and simply working from home for quite a while now. This is one of the reasons virtual desktop providers around the world are witnessing a surge in the demands.

Here are the three major trends you need to know about Virtual desktop infrastructure in 2021:

Dispersed and Remote Workforces

Whether an organization likes it or not, the new normal of working from home is extremely profitable, safe, and easy for the employees. More than 80% of the US workforce has desired to work from home, as found out by Global Workplace Analytics.

Also, nowadays businesses of all kinds and types have offices in various different locations, hence they need a connected and protected, centralized data management system.

Virtual desktop solutions are the most logical answers to these needs for organizations around the world in all different industries, such as healthcare, business management, IT.

Need for Secure and Cyber-Protected Systems

If there is one thing that is booming all the time in the global IT world, it has to be the cyberattacks. Threats like ransomware and data breaching are increasing each new day. The hassles to protect a system from all kinds of cyber-attacks demands the organization to keep the system update and limit the level of access.

While these tasks might sound quick and easy, they can be very hard and complex to keep up with, especially when the workforce is remote and decentralized.

This is where virtual desktop solutions work perfectly. Virtual desktop providers allow you to centralize and secure all kinds of data in a common data center. This eliminates the need for any kind of system upgradation, or antivirus integration. You can access your data from anywhere, anytime, without having to worry about cyber-attacks.

Renewed Focus on Core Deliverable

One of the most evident problems in 2020 was that most of the businesses were struggling with managing their system rather than working on their core deliverable and services. Virtual desktop providers eliminate the need for IT, data, and system management as each and everything would be centralized and available on-demand, at any time of the day. This would allow the team to shift their focus completely on boosting the performance of their core services.

So these were the three most important trends you need to know about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in 2021. Make sure you choose nothing but the best for your business. offers state-of-the-art Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions to all sizes of organization in all different industries at a feasible rate. You can get access to published remote desktops from anywhere, anytime, via any kind of device. It’s safe, quick, and very easy. Check out to know more.

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