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World's fastest DaaS with 24/7 backup & management. Includes vDesk’s powerful productivity suite. Scale effortlessly.

  • Windows License Included
  • Works on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, Browser
  • Easy to Manage and Deploy
  • Flat Rate Always. No Surprises.

With Best DaaS Cloud Service, you give your organization access to our state-of-the-art applications hosted in a cloud. Preventing you from making large investments in office equipment and servers. With vDesk's Best DaaS cloud service, you give your business an extraordinary tool to lead in your industry.


Easy to manage and deploy

Create & manage cloud desktops & users
24/7 help desk support

Fast DaaS


Encrypted data access and transfer
Data Loss Prevention

Works on any device

Works on any device

Collaborate anytime, anywhere using
browsers or desktop clients

Scalable Cloud PC


2X faster than a normal PC
Enterprise-Grade Hardware & Network Infrastructure

Advanced Security
Intuitive Tools, Real Results

Access Control

  • Prevent unauthorized remote access to confidential network information through advanced access control.

Granular Client Policies

  • vDesk.works allows you to secure corporate data by enforcing client policies. These policies can be applied to a specific user, an Active Directory group, or the end-user device.

Secure Hosting Environment

  • High availability, secure cloud-hosted server farms with zero downtime.
  • Users access virtual desktops through secure gateways. The secure desktop enables bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments.
  • vDesk.works further ensures user's security by implementing multifactor authentication (MFA).
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Remote Assistance
Remote Control user sessions

Remote Assistance and Session Shadowing

  • Through vDesk.works Remote Assistance and shadowing tool, the administrator can take remote control of the session with the user's permission.

Remote Support

  • vDesk.works Remote Assistance is a convenient way for a technical support team to connect to any remote desktop and provide the user with a quick solution.
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The Future is Cloud
Intuitive Tools, Real Results
  • Transform any device into a powerful, secure desktop
  • Customize the cloud applications you decide to publish
  • Easily access the cloud server from multiple devices at any time
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Intuitive Tools, Real Results
Easy and Affordable Upgrades
  • Single click performance, speed, and memory upgrades
  • Older devices revitalized
  • Consistently updated with security patches
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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Intuitive Tools, Real Results
  • High availability with multi-cloud resilience
  • Recover systems and networks
  • Minimize work disruption
  • Customizable backup schedule
  • Enhanced business resiliency
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Exceptional User Experience
Intuitive Tools, Real Results
  • Customizable environment
  • Use any HTML5 Browser
  • Continue working from where you left off last
  • Access your desktop on the go
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Access On-Prem Resources
Intuitive Tools, Real Results
  • Share local file server through a secure portal
  • Secure cloud access to physical machines
  • Share data from physical computers to virtual desktops
  • Share local printers and other network devices
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Cutting-Edge Technology
Intuitive Tools, Real Results

Automation with PowerShell API

  • vDesk.works PowerShell API automates complex and repetitive tasks with PowerShell cmdlets with the corresponding parameters.

Session Load Balancing

  • vDesk.works manages session-based load balancing. Routing client requests across all servers capable of fulfilling those requests quickly and efficiently

GPU Backed VDI

  • Increase productivity and immersive experience in Adobe and Autodesk products.
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Backup and Restoration
Intuitive Tools, Real Results

Eliminating Backup Complications

  • Local data backups cannot always restore all of a system's data and settings. For example, computer clusters, active directory servers, or database servers may need additional forms of disaster recovery solutions.
  • vDesk.works ensures that data remains secure in this safe environment.

Set Backup Intervals

  • With vDesk.works infrastructure, you can choose the frequency of data backup intervals.
  • It's common in some instances that accidental deletions or database corruption might occur.
  • Our state-of-the-art backup procedures will have you back up and running in no time.
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Interactive Dashboard
Intuitive Tools, Real Results
  • Visualize with one glance
  • Server farm health, logs, reports, application usage, etc.
  • Intuitive orientation and navigation
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Centralized Management
Intuitive Tools, Real Results

One-Click Server Role Installation

  • Management Console provides options to assign server roles with a single click. Role management becomes easy with this DaaS solution.

Load Balancing

  • vDesk.works Load Balancers identify in real-time which server can best meet client requests while ensuring heavy network traffic doesn't overwhelm the server.

Publish RDC of Physical System

  • Remote Desktop Connection is a Windows 365 DaaS solution that allows you to connect to remote computers. RDC can minimize the need to have separate devices.
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Empower Your Team
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  • I am usually on the road, meeting new clients, demonstrating to them our product, and working with my pre-sales team over remote locations. vDesk.works gave our team a perfect platform to access their personal desktop on Chromebooks, tablets, and phones.

    Kelvin Justice

    GLF Technologies


  • We were introduced to vDesk.works, which has helped our clients manage their day-to-day operations and leverage the performance we have both on the front-end and back-end.

    Chris Salyers



  • Our contractors working on remote sites could not access the centralized data and work within our solution. vDesk.works solution has enabled us to take our LAN-bound accounting solution to the cloud. Our contractors have access to our centralized account books in a secure environment wherever we go.

    Sal Kler

    Austwide Invest