Easy and Highly Secure Access to all Your Apps

Now easily access your apps on any device from any location with vDesk.works. It offers you a Desktop-as-service (DaaS) solution that best fits your needs and helps create virtual workspaces for your teams, customers, clients, or partners in an hour.

Choose Any Infrastructure

Learn why companies are rapidly switching to Remote Desktop solution to increase security and productivity.

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Choose Your Apps

vDesk.works allows you to pick the app of your choice including DWG TrueView, Office 365, Adobe, Quickbooks with no plugins required. It makes it easier for organizations to confidently support bring your own device (BYOD) programs without worrying about application compatibility issues.

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Seamless Authentication Integration

With vDesk.works, you can easily integrate with a broad range of DaaS multi-factor authentication integration such as MAC Authentication, Email Authentication, Otp Auth, and more. Users can access their virtual desktops or apps securely on a remote working environment.

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Cloud Storage Integration

vDesk.works helps you keep your existing storage solution - like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box in one place. It further allows you to move, transfer or sync data across different clouds environment.

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Cross-Platform Compatibility

vDesk.works is highly compatible with all standard Operating Systems, Smartphones and HTML5 compatible browsers. It allows user to access applications independent of the Operating System from any device in your windows desktop environment easily.

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Use Cases

Fully-managed, cloud-hosted, hybrid, on premise, accessible on Microsoft Azure DaaS solutions at vDesk.works.

Get instant and on-demand scalability, added flexibility and greater agility at vDesk.works.

Investigate, detect and mitigate the risk of any unwanted online threat and virus to your data at vDesk.works.

vDesk.works allows remote workers to be connected at all the times resulting in more productivity and efficient working.

vDesk.works helps provide a robust and consistent desktop experience across different devices from a single access point.

Limit operating expenses by only paying only for the desktops that are actually in use.

Manage and maintain remote applications on a device without time-consuming installations or complex operations.

VDesk.works provide follows strict device and application security regulations and provide protection against cybersecurity concerns.

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Benefits of vDesk.works for your Business

Ease of Use

Deploy and control everything from a centralized console


Minimize the threat of data theft with secure access. Only registered users can access applications


Manage vDesk.works locally or through a secure access web browser


Get the benefits of the cloud while still retaining control of software and data

Cost Saving

vDesk.works DaaS removes the need of dedicated IT infrastructure and promotes Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

High Availability

vDesk.works clients are hosted on virtual machines guarding against everything from hard disk failure to a complete server failure

Instant Scalability

Quickly scale the environment up or down as the user count fluctuates

Competitive Advantage

Applications that are critical for growth and success can be online almost instantly

Personalized Experience

Customize application delivery, security and controls according to job role, group or campaign

Maintain Compliance

Ensure users are meeting your compliance standards by instituting compliant virtual desktops

What Our Clients Say

  • I am usually on the road, meeting new clients, demonstrating to them our product and working with my pre-sales team over remote locations. vDesk.works gave our team a perfect platform to access their personal desktop on Chromebook, tablet and phone.

    Kelvin Justice

    GLF Technologies

  • We were introduced to vDesk.works which has helped our clients manage their day to day operations and leverage the performance we have both on the frontend and backend.

    Chris Salyers


  • Our contractors working on remote sites were not able to access the centralized data and work within our solution. vDesk.works solution has enabled us to take our LAN bound accounting solution to the cloud. Our contractors have access to our centralized account books in a secure environment wherever we go.

    Sal Kler

    Austwide Invest