Desktop as a Service

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What is DaaS?

Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) is a form of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in which the VDI is outsourced and handled by a third party. Also called hosted desktop services. Desktop-as-a-service delivers as a cloud service along with the apps needed for use on the virtual desktop.

A Desktop-as-a-service provider typically handles storing, securing, and backing up the data of the user, as well as service patches for the core service and support applications.

Session Backed DaaS

Windows server session-based desktops allows every user to get a dedicated RD session as their desktop. A remote desktop is a standard, shared user experience. It does not vary and runs only those applications which are presented to the user through a limited desktop interface, usually through policy. It is a one-to-many solution where one standard desktop is presented to many users. Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) are often standardized. So users have a limited number of applications that they can use. While it creates limits, it’s also less expensive than VMs. Every day computing needs are easily delivered to a more significant number of users through a terminal experience that is easily scaled at a lower cost.

DaaS for Desktop Hosting DaaS provides desktop hosted over the cloud makes it easy for your employees as they are never away from their desktops. All they would need is to install the mobile client on personal phones and can then access their desktop over the internet.

DaaS for Application Hosting

Use DaaS to host your application and use it anywhere on any device using the cross-client platform. This DaaS Solution makes it easy for your company to work and function. No need to hire a dedicated IT Resource for your company, Use DaaS and let the Support team help you.

Assign only application to the user, no need to provide them with a full desktop environment, allow them only to use the required forms using the Client.

Flexible Cost
Flexible Cost

Choose your cost package by eliminating expensive server maintenance and IT support by switching to flexible plans.

Readily Access from Anywhere
Readily Access from Anywhere

Gain access to your desktop environment and work applications from anywhere and anytime by choosing any device.

Enterprise-Grade Security
Enterprise-Grade Security functionality can be deployed on local servers in house with customized applications and services according to business needs.

Flexible Cloud
Flexible Cloud Applications

Choose your cloud applications that you will like to publish in your desktop environment with full customization.

DaaS Providers on Premise DaaS

Centralized Shared Publishing helps you to share your local file server using its secure environment portal. You can access your on-premise file server anywhere over the Internet. No need to go back to the office for collecting the essential and potential data or files. Just use the client to access your local file server.

Physical Desktop Publishing helps you mount your physical machine anywhere through the help of the manager. This feature allows us to carry over data located on the local computer to the environment reducing the need for creating or copying files across different media.

Effortless DaaS Solution

The benefits of delivering Windows desktops or applications through RDSH (Remote Desktop Session Host) instead of installing apps on employees' devices include quicker update roll-outs and the ability for end-users to access corporate apps and desktops remotely, using devices that wouldn't normally support those apps or Windows.

Multiple end users connect to the RDSH server via Remote Desktop Connection Broker or RemoteApp to access session-based desktops and published applications. You can group numerous RDSH servers in a Session Collection and publish either RemoteApp applications or session-based desktops.

Importance of DaaS

Employees expect to access their work from anywhere on any device. And companies are looking for a low-cost, simple solution to deliver the apps securely, and desktops people need to get their work done. Traditional PC environments are involved with IT management challenges as simple as employee password resets and as complicated as updating security patches & updates. Such situations impact user productivity as well as take up valuable time for IT administrators.

What Our Clients Say

  • I am usually on the road, meeting new clients, demonstrating to them our product and working with my pre-sales team over remote locations. gave our team a perfect platform to access their personal desktop on Chromebook, tablet and phone.

    Kelvin Justice

    GLF Technologies


  • We were introduced to which has helped our clients manage their day to day operations and leverage the performance we have both on the frontend and backend.

    Chris Salyers



  • Our contractors working on remote sites were not able to access the centralized data and work within our solution. solution has enabled us to take our LAN bound accounting solution to the cloud. Our contractors have access to our centralized account books in a secure environment wherever we go.

    Sal Kler

    Austwide Invest