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Advantages of Using a Trusted Managed Service Provider like vDesk.works

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

  • vDesk.works’ antivirus software prevents devices on your network from becoming susceptible to harmful viruses. Our team of experts updates software and applies patches regularly to eliminate vulnerability to hackers. Data is securely stored on vDesk.works’ cloud network, preventing data loss if your device is misplaced or becomes inoperable.
Instant Scalability

Instant Scalability

  • vDesk.works’ managed desktop services equip your business with instant scalability to meet evolving business needs. Quickly scale the environment up or down as user counts fluctuate and your business grows. Reduce downtime and keep your workforce productive when you choose vDesk.works.

Cost-Effective Solutions

  • With reliable remote data management and secure cloud storage, you can cut down on costs associated with replacing existing equipment. As a highly compatible managed service provider, vDesk.works grants you the flexibility to get started right away using your existing IT infrastructure.
Centralized Management

Manage Your Workforce from One Centralized Dashboard

Easily Manage Roles

  • The centralized management dashboard gives you the option to assign new roles with a single click. Easily manage your team’s roles and permissions with vDesk.works centralized management console.

Load Balancing

  • vDesk.works provides real-time load balancing to identify which network server can best meet client demands. Intuitive load-balancing means you never have to worry about heavy network traffic over-whelming a single server

Cross Desktop OS Support

  • vDesk.works’ managed desktop services provide flexibility through a remote desktop connection that allows you to connect any operating system with remote devices. Minimize IT expenditures by making any device compatible with your existing desktop environment.

Cloud Deployment

Cloud Integration

  • Deploy vDesk.works on cloud servers and make easy access available to multiple devices at once.

Hybrid Deployment

  • Data synchronization makes it possible to utilize the vDesk.works environment alongside existing physical servers and cloud DaaS solutions.

Deployment Made Simple

  • vDesk.works’ pre-configured setup wizard makes installation and deployment of our desktop services a breeze.

Enhanced Security

Control Access

  • Prevent unauthorized access to confidential network information with advanced access management.

Enforce Client Policies

  • Secure corporate data by enforcing client policies. vDesk.works allows you to implement client policies on a granular level. Apply policies to a specific user, an Active Directory group, or an individual device.

Secure Environment

  • Users access the virtual desktop environment through a secure gateway. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) capability further ensures the security of sensitive data by preventing unauthorized access to the desktop environment.
Remote Assistance Virtual Desktop PC

Remote Assistance

Remote Support

  • Cloud technology enables our technical support team to connect to any remote desktop on a network and provide the user with a quick and convenient solution.

Session Shadowing

  • vDesk.works’ Session Shadowing tool allows administrators to take remote control of a user’s environment to work together through any issues in real time.

Features of vDesk.works’ Managed Desktop Services